CoinText Now Allows Users to Transact Bitcoin Cash via SMS ‎

CoinText will expand the horizon for users ‎without smartphones.

Blockchain payments solution provider CoinText has introduced a ‎new wallet that makes executing Bitcoin Cash (BCH) transactions as ‎easy as sending an SMS.‎

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CoinText’s SMS interfaces can be used to transact the cryptocurrency that ‎was forked from Bitcoin in mid-2017 using simple text ‎commands without Internet, smartphones, apps, accounts or ‎passwords.

Through this new beta-testing feature, CoinText will expand the horizon for users ‎without smartphones. All beta users were given $1 worth of free BCH to test the ‎wallet in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia. ‎

The current bitcoin wallet landscape relies mostly on QR codes and mobile ‎apps. But users now can just select the recipient’s contact from their phone’s ‎contact list, enter the amount in BCH, and hit send. Unlike ‎conventional crypto wallets, CoinText’s service doesn’t require users to ‎register at an exchange, store passphrases or private keys.‎

CoinText’s wallet runs with basic and simple commands like Balance, Deposit, ‎Send, and Withdraw. The wallet doesn’t store any data about transactions ‎in the system as the server only processes operations through an algorithm which ‎settles transactions directly on-chain.‎

The service is designed to enable customers safely and securely to send, ‎receive and store money via a basic mobile phone, which caters to billions ‎of underbanked people around the world.  ‎

According to CoinText’s lead developer, Vin Armani: “Being able to transact an international ‎currency like Bitcoin Cash over text message with any phone in the world will uncap the ‎vast economic potential for the unbanked. Settling transactions directly on-chain allows us to build so many ‎simple useful tools. This SMS wallet is just the start.”‎

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