Yours Blends Reddit, ChangeTip and Virality at the Launch Festival Hackathon

Emerging from the Launch Festival Hackathon was a content sharing concept aimed at using bitcoins to reduce the need for

Getting built and introduced at the Launch Festival Hackathon this past weekend was Yours, a novel approach to blending bitcoin tipping, Reddit and creating viral content. While Yours didn’t win the hackathon, it did provide an interesting glimpse into how P2P payment networks and cryptocurrencies could be used as an alternative to intrusive banner ads, while simultaneously making good content more easily accessible. The Yours team consisted of Ryan X. Charles, Steven McKie and Anupam Mishra and was built using the Datt module for P2P networking.

How does it work?

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On its surface, the Yours interface resembles that of Reddit and other article posting sites like Growth Hacker and HackerNews. As such, users can search through ‘hot’ and ‘new’ articles while also posting their own links.

In place of likes and upvoting for listed content is an ‘endorse’ feature. With this, Yours community members can tip bitcoin to people that share content on the platform. This feature is similar to other content tipping items that are popular on Reddit such as the bitcoin ChangeTip bot or DogeTipBot.

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Where Yours is aiming to distinguish itself is that within the platform exists the ability for members who endorse content to also receive tips from subsequent endorsers. To apply these tips, Yours sends part of the tip towards the initial content poster, and the other part of the tip is distributed to a previous endorser using an algorithm to choose one of them. (See video below for demo)

Beyond the working prototype created for the hackathon, in a Medium post chronicling the creation of Yours the developers cited several interesting forward looking features that they want to incorporate within the platform. The features include creating an algorithm that can analyze the virality of posts and dynamically adjust how tips are paid to endorsers. In this regard, early endorsers that share and back hot content would theoretically be rewarded for work that is appreciated by the community.

One drawback though is the requirement of the community to be on the Yours platform. Currently, major discussions are already happening on Reddit and other large sharing communities, while tip bots are providing a solution to reward contributors.

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