‘To the Moon’! Dogecoin Trading Launched by Canadian Vault of Satoshi

Canadian based digital currency exchange, Vault of Satoshi has hinting about it for about a week on their Twitter and

Canadian based digital currency exchange, Vault of Satoshi has hinting about it for about a week on their Twitter and Facebook that dogecoin is coming.  An example of their messages have been “In a matter of only days, Canada is going to love us even more”, along with posting a shiba photo with the caption “What a cute puppy”, as well as posting this image on their Twitter feed.  The statements have also come with an announcement that their server will be down for about an hour Wednesday morning for maintenance.  This has all led to the worst kept secret that Vault of Satoshi if launching dogecoin trading on their site today.

vault of satoshi alt-coinAfter creating this buzz, the company has officially ‘let the doge out’ as they formally announced that they have added dogecoin trading on the exchange. The addition of dogecoin is part of a series of new currencies being added today as well as other trading features.  Getting onboarded with doge is primecoin, namecoin, feathercoin, and quarkcoin.  Also being launched is a new Canadian dollar order book to operate alongside the current US dollar based one.  According to the company in a statement forwarded to DC Magnates, the Canadian dollar order book will provide greater ease for their ‘massive’ local interest in the exchange who will no longer need to convert their currency to US dollars before placing orders.  The firm also stated that it will soon be adding coin to coin cryptocurrency trading alongside fiat denominated exchanges.  Among other important features, the firm will be relaxing its verification process that until now required all users to submit address and identification documentation before depositing to their accounts.  With the addition of coin to coin trading, verification for these types of trades will be eased.

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Unlike other exchanges that have launched dogecoin trading as Doge/BTC exchanges such as Cryptsy and BTER, Vault of Satoshi comes to the market with fiat denominated  dogecoin transactions with Doge/USD and Doge/CAD.  Providing Doge/USD trading offers users a simpler way to purchase dogecoins without the need of first acquiring bitcoins and then converting them to dogecoins.  Today’s news from Vault of Satoshi occurs after a similar product launch was announced yesterday from US based AltQuick.

For Vault of Satoshi, dogecoin marks the fourth crypto currency available for trading on the exchange as it follows previous additions of bitcoin, litecoin, and peercoin.  Besides new currencies, Vault of Satoshi has been adding payment deposit features as they launched Canadian Bill Payment services to be available for funding accounts and  e-Interac payments.

Does today’s Doge/USD launch as well as yesterday’s news from AltQuick make you more likely to buy dogecoins? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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