Viberate Shakes Up Music Industry with its VIBE Token Crowdsale

Viberate will enable musicians to start offering gigs to event organizers in exchange for Bitcoin, Ether, or Vibes.

Viberate is poised to disrupt the global live music market with its newest token crowdsale. The initiative is supported by the European Commission’s “Music Moves Europe” as well as the Slovenian Ministry of Economic Development and Technology. In addition, the crowdsale is being advised by Charlie Shrem and Stanford professor and Pinterest Chief Scientist – Dr. Jure Leskovec.

Viberate’s end game will be to offer any musician on the planet the opportunity to open a profile for free and start offering gigs to event organizers in exchange for crypto coins such as Bitcoin, Ether, or their very own Vibe.

Initiative gaining industry traction

Following their previous ambitions to list and map the entire global music industry, Viberate just added 50,000 music venue profiles and more than 70,000 event profiles to its crowdsourced database. Venues and events joined over 120,000 musician profiles already online since spring, helping foster an IMDb for musicians so to speak. The service has already gained traction from big-name stars, including those who have already claimed their official profiles such as Robbie Williams and Linkin Park.

As such, Viberate will offer its Vibe token or VIB in a public crowdsale to fund the implementation of marketplace and blockchain features onto the existing platform. Tokens will then be used to reward those who will contribute to the growth of the service by adding new profiles or curating existing ones.

Aside from trading, Vibe token holders will be able to book musicians for events via Viberate. The founders aim for the Vibe token to become the go-to digital currency for the live music industry.

Vetting a project before the crowdsale is always hard, especially when you don’t get to meet the founders in person. That’s why Viberate’s founders prepared a short video, where they talk about the potential and reasons why they decided to build the platform. The video also features Bitcoin living legend Charlie Shrem along with a couple of other advisors and early backers.

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