Binary Option Brokers Are Making the Move to Online Trading

Although many brokers have benefitted from the binary boom, increasing regulatory pressures mean the good days may be numbered.

The Binary Options industry has seen a lot of success over the past few years. An innovative product with aggressive marketing saw the industry expand at an incredible rate. Many brokers have done very well out of the binary boom, but these good times aren’t going to last much longer.

Regulatory Pressures

The industry has recently come under a lot of pressure. Both the regulatory status of binary options and the business practices of some members of the industry have drawn negative attention as of late. This will make both doing business and acquiring customers more difficult in the near future.

Astute brokers are looking for opportunities to expand into other industries. Many of them are choosing Online Trading. Contract for Difference (CFD) trading has a very similar target audience to binary options, but is more regulated, which means acquiring Banks often do not have the same objections to CFDs as they do to binary options.

Astute brokers are looking for opportunities to expand into other industries.

Payment processing fees for online traders are usually less than half than a standard binary options related transfer. CFD traders also tend to have twice as long a lifetime value than binary options traders. This combination makes the Online Trading industry a very rewarding one.

UFX Trading Platform

A large number of Binary Options brokers are signing up with UFX Partners as they now realise that Online Trading has a much brighter outlook than binary options. The UFX Trading Platform has been designed to appeal to the mass market and to maximise the overall trader experience. The platform is simple to use which makes it easy for the inexperienced trader to learn about Online Trading.

UFX also provides educational material to new clients helping them build confidence in their abilities. All necessary information is clearly presented and more advanced items are de-emphasised. These features make the user experience engaging rather than being a boring and complicated financial instrument site.

UFX has taken key learnings from the video game industry in order to gamify the Online Trading experience. The UFX MassInsights™ system lets customers see real time decisions from thousands of active traders. We have picked 7 important but easily understandable market events to display to traders – trends, turnarounds, volatility, increase in openings, volume growth, uptrends, and downtrends. You can read more about MassInsights™ here.

Making trading more accessible makes it more enjoyable.

The MassInsights™ newsfeed provides an easy to read summary of key market information rather than overloading customers with raw data. By turning advanced statistics into clear indicators, MassInsights™ makes the markets less of a mystery to new traders. Making trading more accessible makes it more enjoyable.

UFX Rewards

On UFX you don’t have to decipher Bollinger bands to make a good trade, just decide if the 87% of traders who are going long on Gold are right or not. This makes trading with UFX a particularly engaging experience, in turn creating a captivated trader into a loyal one.

UFX helps build loyalty with UFX Rewards, a loyalty system designed around key learnings from video gaming and online business. The tiered cashback system provides both tangible and intangible motivation for traders to progress through the levels.

If you are interested in promoting Online Trading, then UFXPartners makes it simple to get started. Everything is already in place, which means all you need to do is provide the end-users.

Any binary broker is potentially suitable for partnership.

Startup costs are competitively very low, as your existing sales teams are already well suited to promoting Online Trading. Any binary broker is potentially suitable for partnership.

If you can dedicate a minimum of four salespeople to promoting Online Trading then contact us to see what UFXPartners can do for you.

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