HQBroker Platform Review: Power to the Traders?

Choosing a broker can be taxing. Check out an in-depth review of HQBroker's platform and interface.

There are thousands of brokerages to choose from in the financial industry that all offer trading and investing services online. Coming from different parts of the world with different defining attributes, can turn choosing a brokerage a taxing experience. Traders have increasingly demanded more from their brokers in light of higher competition, greater security risks, and access to the widest range of instruments.

One such group that checks off all the boxes for what traders want or are looking for in brokers is HQBroker. Founded in May 2010, HQBroker offers competitive trading conditions that comes with trading forex, stocks, CFDs, bonds, securities, and funds.

In light of growing challenges in 2018, the group has gone to lengths to provide its clients with higher security and account protection. This also includes modern and advanced trading facilities that have revolutionized the financial industry. Is HQBroker for you? – the following is a review of HQBroker’s platform and interface.

HQBroker’s Easy Fund Management

HQBroker relies on a highly specialized fund management system that says funds are kept in an administered storage of client funds, which has been separated from the investment firms’ own funds and assets. This separation allows for maximum transparency, a key point of emphasis for many traders.

Within the group’s platform, users can monitor every transaction and trades that take place within your respective account with the transparency and accountability that HQBroker offers you.

Advanced Trading Platform

HQBroker is also extending exclusive access to the firm’s premium trading platform and overall investment system. What this entails is both smooth trading and execution of orders, which caters to both beginners and expert traders.

More specifically, HQBroker makes use of the most widely utilized platform on the market currently, i.e. MetaTrader 4 (MT4). In doing so, users can look to a gain better understanding of the markets with its complete and simplified system. Indeed, the MT4 platform has remained as the industry standard for brokers.

With MT4, users can open price charts and closely monitor the market price fluctuations by analyzing and plotting trend-lines on the charts in order to locate the trade setups. This includes a variety of tools for usage, such as candlesticks, bars, and line charts, among others to view an asset’s movements.

HQBroker’s platform also supports several other intuitive functions, such as the ability to set-up multiple charts while also using the pre-installed indicators to help in conducting technical analysis.

This is important as users also have the opportunity to choose among over 250 instruments that are available for trade – with the 1+CLICK trading enabled, it is now even easier to execute trades in a streamlined fashion.

Furthermore, there are other services that you can engage in, including the use of Expert Advisors for assistance in automated trading, as well as setting up stop loss and take profit orders. MetaTrader4 gives users the reach and optionality to choose of between either desktop or mobile devices.

For a growing slice of mobile traders in the industry, there are several applications available for download in the Android and iOS store, which will allow you to use the trading platform whenever and wherever you are. You can also download the platform directly from HQBroker’s website where you can find ready-for-download applications for Android, iPhone, tablet and PC.

Despite HQBroker’s complexity, downloading the platform will not encumber any of your devices, instead facilitating easier access to your trades. One of the most useful features is the platform’s ability to support multiple tabs that can be opened at once without the need to create multiple accounts.

Fellow traders are available for chat, which are available to easily compare and contrast ideas and develop new strategies. Knowledge is power and users can proactively work together while staying updated about the financial markets.

HQBroker Educational Learning Center

Research continually shows that the more educated a trader is the more happy and successful they are in the long-term. For its part, HQBroker offers a wide-range of forex and financial market educational programs and centers, which caters to both beginner and professional investors everything they need regarding the latest market trend, market updates, charts, and other informative materials needed to help you during your everyday trading activity.

The brokerage also provides educational e-books that can broaden users’ knowledge, whereby teaching you the ins and outs of the financial industry. Charts offered by the firm can also be customized and integrated with various indicators that can help you in conducting technical analyses to produce accurate estimations about the market trends.

There are also educational videos that are provided by HQBroker for those who learn faster with visual examples. The firm’s learning videos can be watched and re-watched for future references, choosing from lessons in forex trading, market analysis, forex strategies, stocks, CFDs, MT4 platform, and more.

Finally, HQBroker supports a robust trader glossary to help clarify some of the harder-to-understand terms in the financial industry. Do you find yourself coming across new or unknown terminology or indicators? The constantly updated glossary contains more than a hundred terms that you will come across in the financial markets.

HQBroker is trained in offering assistance and providing deeper insights about the market movement and the forex trading world in a comprehensible way to let you easily remember the information.

With HQBroker, there will be no need to go through the lengthy technical and fundamentals of the financial industry. HQBroker has taken extensive efforts to be with its clients every step of the way, helping individuals withstand every possible situation, whether it’s celebrating profits or incurring losses.

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