Boosteroid’s ICO: Cloud Computing Made Simple for All Individuals

“Even a child will be able to launch a cloud computer”

Fresh off a highly successful funding round last month, Boosteroid is gearing up for the second stage of its token sale, which starts on November 27, 2017. The group’s project has already been proceeding on schedule, with its computing facilities already being built as a show of strength.

Indeed, Boosteroid has one of the industry’s most anticipated expected projects and has a number of significant advantages comparing with other ICOs held so far. Finance Magnates sat down with Boosteroid’s Founder, Ivan Shvaichenko who spoke about the project, as well as who will benefit from it and which problems it will help address.

Could you explain for prospective investors in your own words, what is Boosteroid?

Boosteroid is a cloud services platform providing convenient access to computing power, storages and different software products. Advances in cloud computing are a game changer and will help users fulfill a number of tasks.

For example, it will be possible to process video, create 3D-graphics, and play games that require high computer performance, as well as carrying out machine learning and many other functions. Users will also be able to connect to the service even from the most low-performance PC. In essence, even a child will be able to launch a cloud computer.

So your plan is actually to compete with Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud. How are you going to share the market with such giants and what are your advantages?

Exactly. We are going to compete with them – first of all, nowadays market leaders provide very high rent of computing power. Secondly, users should learn many instructions and watch a number of tutorial videos to rent computing power.

This requires much time and efforts. The idea of our project is to create a service that will provide access to computing resources just in two mouse clicks. Moreover we will develop user-friendly interface that will allow to select the needed amount of power and it will be easy even for users, who have purchased their first PC a couple of days ago.

How many people are there in your team now?

Presently there are around forty people working on the project including some real industry veterans and talented individuals.

You’ve issued your own cryptocurrency, BTR before the ICO. What is its value for investors and what profit will token holders get?

Unlike in many other projects, our BTR corresponds to a real service. For example 1 BTR token is equivalent to 1-hour of computing power rent*. So, it’s not just ineffective promises. Investors will be able to rent computing power for BTR tokens or exchange them for other digital currencies or fiat money on exchanges and gain profit.

*1 BTR = the cost of one hour computing power rent on the basis of eight NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti graphic cards; two Intel Xeon E5 2680v4 processors; RAM 256Gb; SSD 960Gb.

We will create a demand for BTR. After our service is launched we’ll start purchasing tokens for fiat money paid by users who rent our computing facilities. Considering a large number of users and a limited number of released tokens, BTR exchange rate will increase and investors will get maximum profit.

All unsold and undistributed tokens will be destroyed and tokens accepted as a payment for the service will expire so there won’t be too much tokens on the market.

Why does your ICO include three stages – can you explain them in more detail?

We opted for this framework because we don’t need the total amount of investments all at once. The funds raised after the first ICO stage will be used to set up electricity connection, secure the premises ready for the setup of equipment, and to begin the operation of our computing facilities.

We will also use these investments to continue development of software to create convenient access to computing power. The money we get after the second ICO stage will help purchase and set up the equipment and launch computing facilities. Finally, the funds attracted during the third ICO stage will be used to further expand our computing power.

You plan to launch a cloud computer in May 2018. Is there any project demo?

By the end of November 2017 everyone will be able to test Boosteroid’s computing power on our website. Despite the fact that we launch our service with limited functionality, the users will still be able to enjoy all of Boosteroid’s aforementioned advantages.

What can negatively affect the implementation of your project, if anything?

We are already building our computing facilities and we will expand them regardless of the ICO results. So there are actually no risks in project implementation.

Have you calculated the profitability of Boosteroid, namely in terms of payback time?

I would say the maximum payback time of our project is 3 to 3.5 years.

What’s the team doing right now?

Presently, we are mainly focusing on getting ready for the second ICO stage that starts on November 27th and will continue until December 11th, 2017. There will be 300 million BTR tokens available for sale. Right after the 2nd stage there will be the 3rd, final stage that will take place from January 15th to February 15th, 2018. You can find out more about the project here:

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