Boosteroid to Squeeze Google and Amazon on Cloud Computing Market

Boosteroid will be kicking off a three-stage ICO this month to help drive its disruptive cloud platform.

Having already successfully sold two million BTR tokens ahead of schedule at the pre-ICO, the international project Boosteroid is slated to launch its official ICO on October 23, 2017. One factor that sets Boosteroid apart from other startups is its decision to initiate the project regardless of its initial coin offering (ICO) results. As a show of confidence, the group’s requisite computing facilities are already being built.

Boosteroid is a cloud services platform that provides convenient access to computing power, storage, software products, and other functionality. The project will allow individuals to abandon expensive personal computers in favor of a powerful remote service with a user-friendly interface and a simple management. A computer is able to carry out a variety of tasks in the cloud – from working with texts to analyzing DNA.

Disrupting the cloud computing space

Today the prices of cloud computing rent offered by market leaders — Amazon WS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud — are very high, and as such this service is still largely the privilege of the elite. This situation spurred experts to create Boosteroid.

Not only do users have pay a lot for computing power rent offered by market leaders, but these individuals also face difficulties when trying to take rent out this space. It is very challenging even for advanced users to go through any semblance of a rental procedure that includes complex settings and requires a lot of time.

In a bid to help expand computing facilities and make price of computing power rent competitive and available for everyone, the team has decided to hold the ICO.

Boosteroid’s three-stage ICO

Boosteroid has opted to forge ahead regardless of its ICO results and is doing so in a three-stage offering. According to Boosteroid Founder Ivan Shvaichenko, this is because the team doesn’t need the total amount of investments at once. Investors interested in the ICO are invited to read the group’s whitepaper.

“We will use the funds raised after the first ICO stage to set up electricity connection, get the premises ready to the setup and launch of computing facilities, purchase of the first facilities and further software development to provide convenient access to them. Funds raised after the second ICO stage will be used for equipment purchase and setup to start the operation of our computing facilities. Funds raised after the third stage will be used to further expand computing power of our project,” noted Mr. Shvaichenko. 

The first stage will start on October 23, 2017 at 9:00 (CET), ending November 6, 2017 at 21:00 (CET). The ICO can be completed ahead of schedule if the needed investments are raised. The initial price of 1 Boosteroid token (BTR) is $0.48, with a final price of $0,58. Investors will be able to exchange ETH, BTC, BCH, and LTC for a total of 100 million BTR tokens.

The next 700 million BTR tokens will be available during two subsequent ICO stages:

  • November 27 to December 11, 2017 – the total number of BTR tokens to be offered will be 300 million. The starting price of 1 BTR token during this period is $1.08, with the final price pegged at $1.38.
  • January, 15 to February 15, 2018 – the total number of BTR tokens that will be offered twill total 400 million. As such, the starting price of 1 BTR token will be $1.88, while the final price will swell to $2.78.

Profits for the investors

Investors interested in the Boosteroid project will be able to trade BTR tokens at a much higher rate. By extension, BTR tokens will become available on the main cryptocurrency exchanges after the second ICO stage.

The eventual goal will be to dramatically reduce the cost of cloud computing. Currently the minimum price for one-hour of computing power rent offered by Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud is $6.5 to $10.5. Boosteroid will be the same service only for 1 BTR. Accordingly, BTR token rates will grow and are targeting a growth to $6.0.

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