Broadridge Deploys CloudSM Service, Tapping into New Digitized Channels

The new cloud service links up Broadridge's current network to upwards of 10 new digital channels.

Broadridge Customer Communications, the customer communications arm of Broadridge Financial Solutions, has launched Broadridge Communications CloudSM, a new cloud connector that integrates the group’s existing network framework to an expanded group of digital channels, according to a Broadridge statement.

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At present Broadridge utilizes a network of more than 900 brands, 138 million recipient households, and five billion annual communications. The deployment of its new CloudSM framework will help bridge a network of 10 digital channels, which includes such platforms as Amazon, Dropbox, and Evernote.

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The use of the new cloud service is important as it helps companies from a variety of sectors, including banking, brokerage, cards, and mutual funds, to effectively distribute essential customer communications. CloudSM was developed specifically to help foster the communication of sensitive documents, such as bills, statements, benefits, regulatory and tax documents.

The newly launched Broadridge Communications Cloud also will aim to implement its new ‘network effect’, which will utilize proprietary algorithms to help identify additional matches where consumers have relationships with brands in the network. The underlying goal of this effect will be to tap into digital networks that presently feature brands that are not yet connected to a specific consumer online.

Doug DeSchutter
Doug DeSchutter

According to Doug DeSchutter, President of Broadridge Digital, in a recent statement on the launch: “We developed this network to drive digital adoption and consumer engagement at a scale and pace that brands cannot create on their own.”

“The combination of Broadridge’s recent acquisition of DST’s North American Customer Communications business, our digitally-focused joint venture Inlet, and Broadridge’s ongoing investments across digital and big data, provided the foundational assets necessary to bring such an ambitious goal to light. Companies across various industry verticals distributing two billion essential customer communications annually have already signed up to participate in this new Broadridge digital network,” he explained.

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