Fincad Upgrades F3 Risk Platform with WorkStation

The new solution gives investors access to the valuation and risk analytics functionality that was only available to tier-1 banks.

FinancialCAD Corporation (FINCAD), a provider of enterprise valuation and risk analytics for multi-asset and multi-currency portfolios, today announced that it has added F3 WorkStation, a powerful portfolio analytics and risk application to F3, its flagship object-oriented valuation and risk platform.

FINCAD’s updated F3 platform enables better investment decisions and risk management through an intuitive web application that allows portfolio managers, traders and risk managers to quickly and accurately price, value and manage their trades and portfolios.

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FINCAD provides financial analytics software to more than 1,000 organizations worldwide. A number of the world’s top financial entities, such as State Street Corporation, Morgan Stanley, and Aberdeen Asset Management, trust FINCAD’s analytics to provide a competitive advantage in their business.

Legacy systems at many firms don’t have the ability to adapt new strategies, additional asset classes and derivatives which are needed to improve the investors’ returns in an environment of low yields and negative interest rates. The new enhancements of Fincad’s solution are intended to help portfolio managers, traders, and risk managers generate superior investment returns in such extremely challenging climate.

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Several benefits

In addition to maximizing the returns, F3 WorkStation should help investment firms gain more flexibility and control through an advanced modeling framework. Specifically, it allows users to quickly build models and curves that reflect their market view, and enables entry into new asset classes and instruments to support complex trading strategies. Other benefits include monitoring portfolio performance with intuitive dashboards and comprehensive reports, and improving operational efficiency by eliminating the need for costly front and middle-office reconciliation.

Commenting on the new release, Bob Park, FINCAD co-founder and CEO, said: “Up until now, investment firms’ two main options have been to either build their systems in-house from the ground-up, or buy a standard off-the-shelf product. Building in-house is unrealistic for all but the largest institutions, and most firms do not have the time, resources or expertise to invest in the development and ongoing maintenance of an in-house solution. The other option is an off-the-shelf system that has clear limits on functionality, and is difficult to customize.”

Bob added that F3 is a compelling alternative to the build versus buy dilemma, and provides the best of both worlds – the built-in functionality and ease of use of off-the-shelf software, and the flexibility to customize it. “F3 customization can typically be accomplished in a matter of weeks, not years. This gives investment firms the freedom to develop strategies that can improve their returns, without the limits imposed by legacy technology,” he concluded.


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