Launches Stock App to Monitor Trump’s Twitter Feed

Just in time for his inauguration, a UK fintech firm has introduced a Trump twitter-monitoring feed.

The financial landscape today is poised to change, bigly, as Donald Trump will be sworn in as the next President of the United States. In doing so, markets will now have one additional barometer to follow, i.e. Trump’s twitter feed, which has been the source of much attention and publicity over a long campaign.

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Typically, influential individuals such as finance specialists, prime ministers, central banking figures, and the President of the US, among many others, have had their words given extra weight with regard to market moves. That President Trump has and regularly will take to Twitter could trigger major market moves or at the very least, isolated movements of specific companies in the US, as well as currencies and commodities.

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UK-based fintech group has engineered a new app that is helping generate trade alerts for stock shares, which will move on Trump’s social media comments. Trump’s Twitter feed has regularly featured a litany of companies, more importantly providing clues directly into the mind of the man himself.

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Unchartered Territory

Rarely have investors been given such a direct link into one person’s psche. That a medium such as Twitter has been a regularly deployed tool by an acting US President is completely unprecedented. That being said, the likelihood of Trump dictating even acute price movements with his comments is extremely likely, a fact fund managers are quite aware of.

Scattershot comments have always been in Trump’s wheelhouse, and while his rhetoric has shifted away from campaigning against Hillary Clinton, his tweets have certainly resonated amongst millions. For example, his recent tweets on pharmaceuticals caused a tangible decrease in stock prices, with other notably examples, most recently including Boeing, according to a recent Reuters report.’s app will also rely on artificial intelligence (AI) technology to help differentiate between tweets and other messages that merely mention a given company. The signal generator is designed to capture impact analysis, abstaining from just searching for company names, but rather what it means for pricing.

According to’s Chief Gareth Mann, in a recent statement on the app: “It is impact analysis. We can let you know when Trump tweets. We can let you know when he mentions a particular stock, or when he mentions a stock and a country. But if he just says he’s riding on a Boeing 747 the system will do nothing.”

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