Identifying the Hottest Leads You Should Be Calling Right Away

Identifying ‘hyper-responders’ is not only extremely effective in boosting ROI, but it is also the ideal way to make conversions

Email marketing is an extremely powerful tool in converting your leads into loyal traders.  It is not only a means of sending out promotions and waiting for results to roll in; it is the perfect way to supercharge your sales teams’ results – allowing them to close deals with new traders quickly and easily.

What you need to be looking for in your email lists are your ‘hyper-responders’. These are your hottest leads; the contacts in your email list who are firing on more cylinders than anyone else and are putting up their hands, begging to be converted.

The way to find these gold-nugget leads is to look at your email marketing reports in terms of an ‘activity matrix’. This is an effective way for you to identify who in your email list are the most responsive contacts to your offers.

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Putting words into practice

To do this, you need to start looking at your email server reporting a little bit differently than usual. Firstly, it requires examining individual subscriber data from each email campaign you have run over a given period of time in order to track what each of your subscribers are doing (i.e. track their activity). Are they opening your emails? Are they clicking your emails? How many emails are they interacting with in a given campaign?

This kind of information is priceless to your company in better understanding the needs of your subscribers, as well as providing additional opportunities to segment your list and target specific offers to precise groups of potential traders.

But, let’s take this a little bit further to pull out your all-important ‘hyper-responders’. These are the customers that you really want to take care of. Your ‘hyper-responders’ are not just contacts in your email list who have opened some emails or clicked on some links. They are prospects who have opened and clicked on your emails consistently, for example, out of a campaign of 7 emails your ‘hyper-responders’ will have opened at least 5 of them. Once you know this information, you can pull out the data from your email system and rank your data from highest repeat openers to lowest.

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By taking these findings and providing the results to your sales team they will be armed with valuable lead intelligence. They will know which leads should be called urgently (the ‘hyper-responders’) and who can be left for later (the non-openers). You can use this approach to drill down even further into your contacts to find the ‘hyper-hyper-responders’. To do this, you need to identify your repeat clickers.

These high potential leads are even higher on the list of ‘hyper-responders’ as they are the prospects who actually clicked on your links to get to your offers on multiple occasions. They are active, engaged and responsive to your brand, offer and messages in a big way. Here, your sales team will be able to see which leads clicked on the links in your emails and how many links they clicked on.

Take the next step

So, now you know who your ‘hyper-responders’ and ‘hyper-hyper-responders’ are. But, what about if your sales team could speak to these prospects with a highly targeted and engaging pitch that would resonate with the lead immediately?

By adopting an activity matrix approach to your email marketing analysis, you can do just that. Once you have identified your ‘hyper-responders’, you can then take a look at which offer or topic links they clicked on the most often. Knowing this information before calling the lead is a huge advantage for your sales agents.

For example, if you have a lead who frequently clicked on your email offers for a risk-free trade, the appointed sales agent will be able to tailor their conversation with the lead to risk aversion and platform security in order to suit the prospects individual needs and interests, and in turn gain a new trader.

So, you can see that identifying your ‘hyper-responders’ through email marketing campaign results is not only extremely effective in boosting your ROI, but it is also the ideal way to make conversions a lot easier for your sales team.

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