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As always, the QIR includes a meticulously compiled market overview and updates providing the players in the FX business with

Since January 15, the foreign exchange industry has had to lick its post CHF crisis wounds and practically reinvent itself – to the core. With a full throttle impact resounding throughout the global currencies market, its members demonstrated incredible resilience and applied real-time operations to get things up and running again.

Now in our sixth year, the QIR team imprinted the Q1 2015 volume with a theme based on this “black swan” premise to present the most relevant stories, developments and executive advice.

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The market overview and updates provide unique, valuable data

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As always, the QIR includes a meticulously compiled market overview and updates providing the top players in the FX business with strong, updated unique data.


In the review, you will also find an entire directory section, listing top brokers, M&As and IPOs.Take a look at some of our new QIR research reports:


Embracing the Russian Bear

In October 2015, a new law will come into effect in Russia introducing a higher standard of regulation that aims to revamp the archaic forex market. Finance Magnates set out to explore the feasibility of a structured regulation in a developing economy with brokers and traders that still need to get to grips with risk management.

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Spending Money on Google for Leads? Read this First

Googleverse now controls search engine marketing (SEM), which is a dynamic growth area for online brokerages with a global outreach. But it is also becoming more complex. With industry experts weighing in, Finance Magnates explores just how effective and profitable SEM can be in converting visitors to enquiries and eventual sales.

U.S. Equity Markets Approaching Key Precipice?

U.S. equity markets are presently operating at all-time highs, which has led to speculation that markets may be approaching overheated levels and a potential deep correction. Finance Magnates explores the run-up of present equity indices, as well as market outperformance in recent years, shining light on the specter of a pullback.

Metrics for Gauging Frontier, Emerging and Developed Economies

The focal element of globalization is based on countries embracing their resources and progress to advance their domestic markets and international prospects. Finance Magnates observes the evolvement of frontier, emerging and developed economies together with the official metrics that define them.

On the Pitch with Sports Sponsorships

Brokers worldwide recognize the imperative role sports sponsorships play to secure new clients during periods of low market volatility. But why is this costly approach on the top of the agenda? Finance Magnates examines the benefits of this highly visible strategy, and why it is being battled out in a bid to capture new clients.

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Bitcoin Mining’s Delicate Equilibrium and Inevitable Day of Reckoning

Bitcoin mining has evolved into an industry and ecosystem unto its own, attracting increasingly intense competition and leading to an ‘arms race’ among hardware manufacturers. Finance Magnates investigates fundamental risks to the mining network and how its economics may prove valuable.


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