UK: Majority still wary of online shopping

Even with the rise in online sales, UK shoppers still prefer the high street the information superhighway according to a

Even with the rise in online sales, UK shoppers still prefer the high street the information superhighway according to a new report.

According to “The Future of Online Retail Report” from the 2,000 British adults who were surveyed only 820 answered they are completely happy with buying online. That 41% does present growth over previous years, but it does show that the majority, 59% of the participants, said that barriers still exist and are currently holding them back from shopping more online.

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The YouGov research, commissioned by, also shows a steady change in Britt’s attitude. Back in 2012 only 26% of participants responded to that they are happy and content with shopping online. However, given the modest adoption growth we can see that the majority still feel uncomfortable with online shopping. The reasons holding back potential would be online shoppers need to be addressed by retailers and E-tailers if they are interested in a wider digital adoption.

 “Despite the evident shift in consumer shopping habits over recent years, the majority of consumers still prefer to transact in bricks and mortar stores,” said Marina McKeever, senior sales director at

When asked what is holding them back the answers were mixed. 18% stated they prefer the high street as it offers a more real and social experience than that offered by online counterparts.  30% said they want to tangibly examine a product prior to making a decision, something online retailers cannot offer. Surprisingly, the physicality issue was relatively high among younger millennial shoppers with 33% of those between the ages of 18-24 answering they prefer to touch and feel an item prior to purchasing.

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Shipping still remains an issue for shoppers. 18% stated it is difficult to arrange convenient delivery times and places and 21% stated they are not interested in starting a return procedure if needed with the added costs of shipping.

Security and safety also still remain concern for some shoppers. 19% stated they do not feel comfortable with entering payment details online. That number is down compared to previous years.

“The high street experience is still hugely important and online shoppers still use it as part of the shopping process. Brands who want to be truly successful will need to adapt their strategies to become more multichannel, encouraging consumers to interact with brands through a range of channels, regardless of where they end up transacting,” McKeever added.



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