Demetrios Zamboglou Joins Blockchain Based Gold Trading Firm

ICON Capital Reserve is a company that facilitates the digitalization of one-kilo gold bars.

A picture of Demetrios Zamboglou
Demetrios Zamboglou, COO of ICON Capital Reserve

With the advent of 2019, Demetrios Zamboglou is joining a new venture. The fintech and blockchain expert has become the COO of ICON Capital reserve, a firm founded by J. Bradley Hall to enable institutional clients to create, trade, and reserve value using gold and blockchain technology.

ICON is offering its clients, which are primarily high-net-worth individuals and family offices, AUREALS™, a one-gram denominated measure of gold.

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So far, Hall and his small team established successful relationships with private clients in Europe, Asia, the GCC, CIS, and the Americas. The firm initially used the Colored Coin Protocol of the blockchain that was later updated to offer AUREALS™ via ERC20 and CINTAMANI™ via ERC721 as smart contracts on Ethereum.

Zamboglou will be based in London where the company is setting up its brand new subsidiary.

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Commenting on the expansion of ICON, Hall told Finance Magnates: “The hype phase of ICO’s that appear to be nothing more than high school science projects, is ending and as Voltaire noted long ago virtually all of the tokens will revert to their intrinsic value, which is zero.”

“We avoided the temptation of offering a so-called utility (or alchemy) token and instead continued to invest heavily in a foundational core supporting AUREALS™, a fusion of GOLD and the Blockchain that insulates holders from currency, institutional and systemic hazard,” elaborated Hall.

Zamboglou shared with Finance Magnates that him joining ICON is a result of his opinion that blockchain technology is creating a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

“Brad and I began spending some time together in London and it quickly became obvious that we sort of ‘clicked.’ We shared a vision on where the space was moving and where the most significant opportunities are available,” Zamboglou explained.

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