Former Federal Agent Shaun Bridges Allegedly Stole Even More Bitcoin

The agent that stole $800k in Silk Road BTC is accused of committing further crimes after his arrest.

It looks like the corrupt secret service agent Shaun Bridges either wants to get more time in jail or that he is simply too greedy to stop himself even after already being caught.

According to court documents unsealed on Thursday he is now accused of committing further crimes in at least two new instances of Bitcoin theft – the largest of these new cyber heists involves a haul of about $700,000 in BTC.

The secret service agency itself also comes off looking unprofessional from the new information released in court, as it failed to transfer the funds in its custody to a new bitcoin wallet or secure holdings even after knowing that Shaun Bridges was already a cyber criminal. This is even despite the fact that the U.S Justice Department urged them to do so months before, warning that he might have kept a private cryptographic key.

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Shaun Bridges pleaded guilty to charges of money laundering and obstruction of justice in the case of the embezzlement of about $800,000 worth of bitcoin from the online drug marketplace Silk Road during its investigation. He reached a plea deal with prosecutors in June 2015 and was eventually sentenced to just 71 months out of a maximum of 20 years in jail.

The agent was re-arrested at his home the day before he was scheduled to hand himself in to begin a prison sentence. The police found bags containing a passport and corporate records for a few offshore entities in Mauritius, Belize and Nevis. Furthermore, officers found secret service bulletproof vests, which had been reported stolen. All these are indications that the ex-agent planned to escape and avoid incarceration.

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