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Primecoin and the Search for Science
Primecoin is an innovative peer-to-peer open source crypto currency, a form of digital currency secured by cryptography and issued ...
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Nxt, Don’t Call it Just Another Coin
Nxt is considered to be a second-generation crypto currency that is seen as an alternative, perhaps even competition, to ...
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Naming the Internet with Namecoin
Namecoin is one of the many crypto-currencies circulating today. It acts as a preferred alternative decentralized DNS which allows ...
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Litecoin, the Silver to Bitcoin’s Gold
Litecoin is said to be “the silver to Bitcoin’s gold”, a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency. Technically, it is nearly identical to ...
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Feathercoin Keeps Moving Along
Feathercoin is a crypto currency that made its first public appearance on the Bitcointalk forum on April 16th 2013.
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Crypto M&A and Venture Deals
The DC Magnates Cryptocurrency Deal Table tracks venture investing, mergers and acquisitions (M&A), and asset purchases from August 2014 ...
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Bitcoin Wallets Explained
A “Bitcoin Wallet” is a program, app, or other electronic service that manages one’s Bitcoin supply.
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GFT enhances Binary Product Range
GFT a leading multi asset broker dealer has enhanced its instrument list for Binary Traders. GFT launched Binaries in October ...
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