ForexPros reaches 700,000 uniques a month

ForexPros just sent me a press release where they claim to be the world’s leading portal, at least in terms of traffic. I had a glimpse at their Google Analytics and the numbers are right. It seems that ForexPros is growing nicely as only three months ago the network had about 100,000 visits a day, representing a […]

CFTC increases enforcement filings by 14% in 2010

Looks like the huge warchest which the US Senate has granted CFTC a year ago has paid off – CFTC has significantly increased its enforcement capabilities and during this fiscal year filed 57 enforcement actions – 14% more than in 2009 and 42% more than in 2008. CFTC was given a record $146 million, supported […]



ForexPros just sent me a press release where they claim to be the world’s leading portal, at least in terms of traffic. I had a glimpse at their Google Analytics and the numbers are right. It seems that ForexPros is growing nicely as only three months ago the network had about 100,000 visits a day, representing a 30% growth.

Let the forex portals war begin!

ForexPros has become the world’s leading forex portal with almost 130,000 visits per day and over 700,000 unique visitors per month, network wide.

“The September figures firmly position ForexPros as industry leaders. Our aim now is to continue to innovate so that users will continue to find exactly what they are looking for, be it trading tools, analysis or news”, said Michael Kane, Product Manager at “At our current rate of growth we expect to exceed 160,000 visits per day by the years end”.

The ForexPros network, comprised of 16 websites, provides users with broker directories, real-time quotes, and charts as well as daily news and expert analysis on the forex market.

Recent new additions to the network have included a section on futures indices, displaying real-time data on the world’s major stock exchanges.

The network also offers popular webmaster tools, allowing webmasters to build customized sets of market quotes and charts for their sites.

About Fusion Media

With a strong grounding in the latest internet technology, Fusion Media has developed portals that provide the retail customer with a simple yet functionally rich online surfing environment. Fusion Media is especially proud of its multi-lingual network of sites.

With a solid background in financial markets, our goal is to provide both novice and experienced traders with neutral and unbiased information on specific financial segments, including Brokers, Fund managers, Real-time quotes & charts, Courses, Books, Software Providers, Educational & Training Materials, News, Analysis, Special offers and more. This fusion of technical ability and financial knowledge enables our users to take better, more educated decisions about their financial segment interest.

Update: Following several complaints in comments and private emails I decided to check their stats myself. Forexpros were kind enough to show me their Google Analytics stats for more than half an hour. Numbers are clean and show a very healthy growth.

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  1. TradeProfits

    I guess they really do a good job. I would like a bit more simplicity on the site, but there is a lot of useful stuff over there.

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  2. MC

    Now if only they could get some of that traffic to convert …

    Such a shame …

    But that makes sense because if you look at their analytics closely, most of their traffic is coming from Kenya and Bangladesh (I am not making this up). Coincidently these are some of the places where you can buy the cheapest network traffic in the world … if you wanted to boost your site’s traffic and make it look bigger than it really is in order to catch more advertisers.

    I am just saying ….

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  3. Yohay

    Did they happen to release monthly page views?

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  4. ilse

    Everybody know they are cheaters and stole most ideas of FXstreet (which is the leading portal). They are just smart marketers who want to exploit the forex market.

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  5. Yohay

    Please do check it. I’m curious…

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  6. Roy Zabari

    Cheaters!!! – I call for regulation on financial portals like Forexpros.
    They display quotes from CFD brokers, they just pull it out from their trading platforms without asking or paying for it.
    feel free to compare the feed with GNI or any other cfd broker in the uk.

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  7. MC

    I am in the online marketing industry for a long time … like Asaf mentioned above … if you know how you can make any analytics software show whatever you want.

    I absolutely agree with ilse as well. Just a cheap FXstreet clone.

    They will keep making money off the backs of naive marketers until the marketing departments of some forex companies wake up and see that ROI is the most important thing they need to look at and not just booking ads so that their competitors wont get them.

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  8. Francesc Riverola

    Hi all,

    Thanks for the kind words about I appreciate it.

    I’ll keep my opinion about those guys for me but what I’ve seen commented here is extremely serious.

    MC, do you have any prove that backs up your statement that this site is manipulating its traffic numbers?

    I would really love to hear from you to clarify things out


    Francesc Riverola
    CEO & Founder

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  9. ilse

    Any comments for the Forexpros??

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  10. Yohay

    Maybe I’m naive, but I find it hard to believe that forexpros manipulated traffic data. Sites depend on real traffic and forex sites also depend on real accounts opened through them. You can cheat an advertiser before he starts advertising on your site, but then you’re “burned” with the whole industry. They have great rankings in Google, so the traffic seems genuine to me.

    Unrelated, I join the complements for FXStreet – a great forex portal that consists of original content and is always innovating.

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  11. Jamie

    I’m guessing they include hits on their economic calendar as a visit. For instance I have their calendar on my site. If you go to the economic calendar on ForexLive, I’m guessing they count the traffic as their own…

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  12. Yohay

    Jamie, you might be up to something. They have GA tracking script on the calendar on your site, but it’s a different report:
    UA-2555300-55 – the code on their homepage.
    UA-2555300-21 – the code on the calendar on your site.

    From my experience, these different reports don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

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  13. Asaf


    There are so many brokers and companies in the forex space with so much money being thrown on web ads that if this is your missing as a site it’s very easy to get the brokers to play against each other and bid for high prices.

    Their left bar, for example, I can guarantee to you that they rank it according to how much the brokers pay and they charge very little as an entry price so most brokers do this (and this is why they have more than 20) Once some brokers calls them and says that the conversion is not there they tell him to up the price and they will move him up the list. The #1 place probably cost a lot of money and it will take the broker a few months of overpaying before he realizes it’s not effective and leaved – and then a new sucker is born.

    Unfortunately, if you want to game the system and fool advertisers it is very easy to do so – if you want to be honest and fair you’re going to have to work hard to earn the ad money.

    — Asaf.

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  14. MC

    Dear Francesc

    I know from experience because my company run a couple of campaigns on their sites and the results were abysmal. While at the same time, on other similar sites and with the same banners we got very good results. We analyzed the traffic we got from them using our analytics tools (Industry leading – Omniture Sitecatalyst) and this basically confirmed that most of the visitors they refer are from 3rd world countries where you can buy traffic for $0.25 CPM, redirect it to your site, boost your audience numbers and then resell the traffic to advertisers for $40 CPM (or more).

    In any case you don’t need me to send you any reports. Even a free tool like Alexa can prove my point.

    Just take a look above the top 2 countries that send traffic to their site. Also check the “Where Visitors Go on” and you will see that 44.7% of their traffic is going to “” which is internal pages used by the IT to redirect the traffic they buy etc.

    Alexa also has a cool feature where you can generate a graph to benchmark a site VS other sites. I added the 3 biggest sites on forexpros network and benchmarked against FXstreet and Forexfactory. All their sites combined don’t come close to either one of the other two sites.

    Anyway … this is just my opinion based on my experience in online advertising and the forex industry.

    What do i know … 😛

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  15. Ahmed

    They are only getting the traffic because of their relentless forum spamming. They open numerous new topics (Forexpros analysis spams) every day. So much that some forex forums with lesser traffic ended up completely dominated by forexpros posts only.

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  16. Michael Greenberg

    nope, but can check this for you

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  17. Michael Greenberg

    not yet, working on getting some more info from them

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